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Patient Reviews

My experience here at DFW Foot and Ankle has been nothing short of extraordinary!! Having had another bunion surgery at another facility, I already had an idea of what to expect. I was blown away at the service I received, the accuracy of the diagnosis, and the overall (relatively) painless experience of it all! I’ve recommended Dr. Suh to my friends, family, and coworkers and will continue to do so. Five star experience all around. – Kaitlyn M. –

Dr. Suh and his staff are amazing. I woke up one morning and could not put pressure on my right foot. Called Dr. Suh’s office and his staff got me in the same day. Dr. Suh was very professional and knowledgeable regarding foot care. I was walking within a few days after following his treatment plan. Because of Dr, Suh, I have changed my way of living regarding pretty shoes and long term foot care. Thanks Dr. Suh.  -Lisa G. –

Dr. Suh has been a true life-saver for me. I work on my feet all day and he has taught me so much about taking care of my feet so that I can continue in my career field. He is a very caring health care professional. – Holly B. –

Dr. Suh did a great job teaching me how to care for my feet and manage my foot and heel pain. I finally received great advice on what shoes to wear (and what not to wear) for my miserably flat feet. Thank you, Dr. Suh! – Kim S.-

I am extremely happy with Dr Suh. I had heel pain and sometimes could barely walk and now with stretching and icing and proper shoes I am pain free. – Kim B.-

Treated both Morton’s Neuroma and a sprained ankle and broken foot. Dr Suh tells me exactly what is wrong,what he is going to do to fix it, and how I should rehab in order to get better. I’m an avid hiker as is he so he understands the stress my feet and ankles are undergoing. He is the best. – Kathlene G.-

From the first visit to this man’s office to the final follow up everything Dr. Suh said was right on. Surgical procedure through recovery. I endured pain with every step I took until I saw him. Now, I have no pain at all. I am able to do anything that I want to do and then some. So thankful to him and my wife for directing me to him. – Gary J.-

Dr. Suh is very caring and not quick to suggest surgery. He has helped me with ongoing heel pain and is helping me make lifestyle changes that will hopefully alleviate if not eliminate my heel pain. Thank you to his wonderful staff for their promptness in appointment scheduling, and courteousness. – Anonymous Patient-

I go see Dr. Suh annually as I have diabetes and he and his staff are wonderful. They work to get you into the office promptly, he cares about you as a person and treatment is decisive and on target. You do not spend time sitting in the office just to get an in and out doctor. He really focuses on what you need. – Patricia B.-

A doctor who’s a real pleasure to visit. Dr. Suh did a great job of not only explaining what my problem was, he explained how I got it and now not to get it again. He made specific recommendations for new shoes, which I have since purchased and am wearing. The running shoes felt amazing from the first time I put them on. The Birkenstocks take a little longer to adjust to, but I’m comfortable in them now. I’m also doing the recommended exercises. Dr. Suh obviously loves what he does, and cares about his patients! – Wesley A. –

My prayers have been answered. After an X ray and a thorough examination of both my feet and ankles Dr. Suh told me that a pair of custom made orthotics and SAS shoes would solve my problem. My reply: “I don’t need surgery?” I was just told by two other Podiatric Surgeons that I needed major foot surgery. I was so excited and happy to get that great news I gave him a big hug. I highly recommend you see Dr. Suh and tell all your family and friends. “God Bless Dr. Suh ” – Madeline F.-

“ Dr. Suh has been awesome. It’s been a long time since I have been pain free in my foot! ” Very good experience. Appointments were on time and I never felt rushed. Dr. Suh took time to explain the mechanics of my foot so I could be my best advocate in the healing process. I will recommend him to everyone! – Kathy L.-

Really helped me understand my foot issues and the importance of taking care of my feet. Took time explain and also listen to all my questions! Finally will get some relief for my foot pain. Would definitely recommend Dr. Suh to family and friends. -Marisa L-

I had the Lapidus proceudre for my bunion removal. I had a nerve block and very little pain after it wore off. Dr. Suh answered all of my questions and was very understanding of any concerns I had. A couple of times I asked to come in a few days prior to my scheduled appointment and the office always understood and worked me in. If you need to do this, I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Suh. -Luana S.-

Thanks to Doctor Suh my foot pain is gone and I will be able to hike the 211 mile John Muir Trail later this summer. Thanks! -Samuel G.-

Doctor Suh, is a great Doctor. He is very experienced and professional. His staff is great too. Specifically for me, he corrected several issues and one really bad injury and no more pain. He has taken great care of me. I am very grateful to have him as my doctor. Thank you… -D.W.-

Have had several surgeries in the past by different doctors and without a doubt Dr. Suh has been the best. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him with the highest marks and utmost confidence. -K.R.-

Thanks to Doctor Suh my foot pain is gone and I will be able to hike the 211 mile John Muir Trail later this summer. Thanks! – Samuel G.-

Have had several surgeries in the past by different doctors and without a doubt Dr. Suh has been the best. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him with the highest marks and utmost confidence. – K.R.-

Dr. Suh takes to answer my questions, gives excellent advice. Since my new shoe inserts my feet do not hurt. Well worth the visit. – Heath P.-

Dr. Suh has treated me, my husband and my son from the very simple (fungus) to the complicated (heel surgery). We have no hesitation recommending him for foot needs. -Angie M.-

I have had toe problems for 10 years now and have gone so many places to fix it. Doctor Suh changed my life with my toe. I now get to get married on the beach with a normal toe. really recommend! -Skye D.-

Dr. Suh does an excellent job of listening and helping solve the problem the RIGHT way-not the the easy way. I appreciate knowing my options and how to avoid surgery. -C.B.-

Love Dr. Suh and his wonderful staff. He cured my issues in one visit. He knows what will work to help solve your foot pain and issues. Following his prescribed treatment and advice, my issues were solved in less than two weeks. Thank you, Dr. Suh and staff! -Vicky A.-